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Procedures & Benefits

There are other firms who offer a sales tax review on a contingency basis. But not all reviews are equal. To help you make an informed comparison, here are the qualities that distinguish the SPECTRUM review process from other services and providers.

Senior consultants - Your review will be conducted from start to finish by experienced and professional consultants who have in-depth and unparalleled knowledge of your industry. All our consultants are committed to our high standards, procedures, code of ethics and best practices.
Confidentiality - Our consultant's work under contracts that enforce the confidentiality of all client records.
No disruption to your office routine - After a short initial meeting, we simply need access to your files and a small space to work in. Our clients tell us "We hardly knew you were here!" to describe the non-intrusive nature of our review.
Comprehensive reporting - Your company will receive a detailed report of all refunds, including copies of any refund claims and all supporting schedules. These reports will clearly explain all areas of savings and will be presented in a legible, computer-generated format for easy reading. A separate, confidential written report reviewing sales tax exposures noted during the course of the review for savings opportunities is also provided.
Immediate and future cost advantages - Because our review identifies refund opportunities retroactively, the financial benefits to your organization are immediate. In addition, the results of our review will generate savings that continue on into future years.
Contingency fee agreement - We work on a contingency arrangement. This allows your organization the opportunity to take advantage of our expertise with no monetary risk. You are not obligated to any fee until savings have been realized (usually in the form of a refund check or internal deduction from accruing taxes).