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How much of my staff's time will this take?

Spectrum Tax Consultants systems are designed to save you time, as well as money. After an initial meeting where some basic questions are answered we are generally able to perform our work with little or no interruption to your staff. If a particular situation does require a commitment of your staff's time we will let you know.

What can you do that my accountant doesn't?

All of our clients have accountants. And most good accountants are generalists who refer special problems to specialists. Although large accounting firms who have some specialists on staff may get involved in specific situations, their services generally involve routine filing procedures that do not focus on specific issues.

What happens if there's a reassessment?

We guarantee all recoveries against future reassessment. This means that if you ever have to repay part of a refund that we have obtained on your behalf we will refund to you any fee applicable to that repayment.

I had a review already, so why should I waste my time?

Legislation, interpretation and application in all areas of taxes are constantly changing. A recovery identified today may not have been permissible 3 months ago. The experience and expertise of the company doing the review is another variable. We are an established and reputable firm with a track record and proven results. We have very often found money for companies even though they had already had contingency or other types of reviews. We are not paid until such time as the client realizes the savings.

Why should I believe you'd find anything?

Scepticism is normal among business people, especially if they are being asked to pay for an unknown service up front. There is no cost until we make a recovery. If we didn't consistently find money we wouldn't be in business. Our knowledge of the ever-changing world of tax, its applications and interpretations is our specialty; we look forward the mutual benefit that results from adding to your bottom line.